Case Vinyl

During the festive season I decided to fix a perspex case which was terribly scratched and unrepairable so I decided to design and fully cover it with Vinyl. We now can offer this same service to you as this project was a huge success 😀 😀


AMD VS Intel

This seems like a question you would type into google but I want to know what you think personally, taking into hand all the costs and performance against Intel and AMD 🙂

New Cases In Stock :)

Just A Few Images Of the Types Of Cases you can get at Dark-Ace. We Have a large selection and we can get most cases that you see worldwide. We provide everything from cases to motherboards to computer screens. If its computer related you can get it here. 😉

New Facebook Profile!

To get Daily Updates on Facebook Please add : DarkAce Grafix Pc Mods
We had a facebook page and group but those are inactive. The facebook profile allows us to show you our recent posts on our sites as we post them 🙂
Please post further suggestions so I can make the site better for you 🙂

Dark-Ace Grafix & Pc-Mods Promotional Case For Sale

This is a Coolermaster CM690 that has been airbrushed by Dark-Ace. We are selling this case for R4000 negotiable.

Many thanks 🙂

New Pictures Tab

Introducing a new pictures tab so you, yourself can see what some of the more extreme jobs done at Dark-Ace are all about.
Hope you like this new feature 😉


Nialle Momsen

Hello world!

Welcome to Dark-Ace Grafix & Pc-Mods. This is a private company specializing in complete computer builds, modifications and repairs and our company has been successful for over 4 years.. This site is still very new and we are in the process in making it functional. There will be pictures, a forum and hopefully a in site insta-chat. Please post all suggestions for this site so we can make it better for you.

Nialle Momsen